Religious Education Program

Religious Education Coordinator: Anna Harmata  |  Telephone: (773) 685-3785

With great hope and anticipation, we are looking forward to meeting all of you in this uncertain time. Religious education will have a different format this year. Here is the choice of the programs offered and how we are going to operate:

  1. Hybrid- In-Person once a month and 2 meetings online with a catechist on Zoom. Meetings are 9:15am to 10:30am.
  2. Remote- Fully online with two virtual meetings on Zoom with a catechist and with resources provided on parish website. Meetings with a catechist are from 9:15 to 10:30. One lesson is virtual on St. Priscilla website with resources provided on our website.
  3. Homeschool- For parents who want to catechize their own children. Books are provided by Religious Education Program, and parents will participate in timely meetings with program coordinator.

We divided the grades into Tracks (cohorts) that will rotate each week, so we do not have a large gatherings each Sat. Only 3 or 4 grades will meet each time.

To register your child for the program, you can come to the rectory any time, drop the envelope in the mailbox by the rectory, or send it by mail.