Primary: Grades K-3




All Night All Day Angels Watching over Me

Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary

Communion Song of Thanks & Praise with Gestures

A Gift To You

Jesus Loves Me Lyrics ( Yes Jesus Loves Me with Lyrics )

Spirit of God (song with movements)

A wonderful soothing song for your children to listen to and  learn to sing and sign as they learn more about how the Holy Spirit truly helps them each day

Say a Hail Mary, everyday       



1) the 5 minute movie of “The Miracle of Our Lady Fatima on the 13th day from May to October 1917. 

 2) the 3 minute movie clip of the blessed Mother’s first appearance to three children ages 7, 9, and 10 

 3) a 30 minute animated movie of “My Time with Jesus Fatima Special: Lucia and her faithfulness to the  Message” ‐ In this really story, a group of children learn the story of the Miracle of Fatima with specific focus on  ‘Lucia’. Mom and dad, this movie has a wonderful lesson within the story about confession and receiving  Communion, so it is a wonderful reminder/lesson for all of our students, especially for our first Communicants to  watch as they continue to prepare to receive Jesus for the first time. 4) If your child enjoys drawing/art, this youtube video by the ‘catholic icing lady’ teaches your child how to draw a spinning Miracle of the Sun of Fatima . . .

  1. On YouTube, watch, “Storytime with the Sisters:  Mary, Mother of Jesus board book”

REFLECTIONS 1.  Write your answers to these questions:

A : If Mary and Jesus lived next door to you right now, what would your Mom and Mary talk about?

B: Would you and Jesus be friends? Why? What will you talk about to Mary everyday, what would you do together?


  1. Make a card or write a prayer to tell Mary how much you love her.
  2. Find a picture on Google, draw a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary and decorate it with flowers or get a statue of Mary.  Put the picture or statue in your room.




Fun songs for kids:

Sing Hosanna – I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy

This Little Light of Mine

Deep and Wide

I am the Bread of life

Give Me Jesus With Lyrics Artist: Fernando Ortega


Saint Anthony of Padua