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Weekend Masses in English: Saturday at 4:00PM and Sunday at 8:30AM & 12:30PM

Confessions are available Monday – Friday 30 minutes before each Mass. On Saturday, confessions are available from 3:00 to 4:00PM, as usual.

Fr. Matthias' Reflection VI Easter Sunday

God is love and only He can show us what true love is. Christianity is therefore a religion of love with which God himself loved us. This is love that gives itself to others, a gift not of something, but of itself. Aristotle already said that love differs from passion in that in love we desire the good of others, and in passion we desire our own good. Understanding love is therefore absolutely essential in our lives. Unfortunately, it is sad to say that there is great confusion in this matter as well. Everyone talks and sings about love, even advertises it, but they call love something that is not actually love. In a very noble approach, love is called a sublime feeling or infatuation with another person. No matter how you look at it, love is related to experiences which, as life teaches us, simply change. Inevitably, in such a system, love is also subject to change. However, the worst thing about such a narrowing of the concept of love is the focus on yourself. Today, love is being promoted on a mass scale, understood as an experience of pleasure and delight. Thus, the value of fidelity, which belongs to the essence of true love, is eliminated. How many times can you hear statements like – We deserve something from life; We have the right to happiness. In the name of this “right”, one breaks the marital bond, leaves behind children, a wife and… well, one chooses the “true” love that one has found. If in such a context one hears the quoted words about God who is love and the commandment of love left to us by the Lord Jesus, a monstrous lie naturally arises. This rather concise statement that God is love is, after all, a mental shortcut that reveals the entire wealth of God who has revealed himself throughout the ages. Therefore, if we falsely understand the concept of love, we will end up with an idol instead of the true God. However, the good God did not leave us to a subjective understanding of love. He himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, manifested once and for all what love actually is. Our human love is and should be a response to God’s love, which is love until the end, even to the point of giving his life for us. Therefore, there is no other true response to this gesture than faithful love until the end. In any other case, we are simply dealing with her betrayal.

Fr. Matthias – your Pastor