Parish Announcements

Weekday Masses in English: Monday – Saturday at 8:00AM

Weekend Masses in English: Saturday at 4:00PM and Sunday at 8:30AM & 12:30PM

Confessions are available Monday – Friday 30 minutes before each Mass. On Saturday, confessions are available from 3:00 to 4:00PM, as usual.

Fr. Matthias' Reflection Easter 2024

The path of each of us to accept the Risen Christ is different. In the community of Jesus’ disciples there are those who love spontaneously and understand everything in a simple way, just like John. There are also those who betray the Lord, leave, but come back and experience the grace of entering the empty tomb first to take responsibility for the Church in the future, just like Peter. And finally, there are those like Mary Magdalene, to whom much was given and therefore she loved so much that nothing could stop her in love. We all have different spiritual experiences, but on Easter morning at the empty tomb we are together as a community, as a Church, because we firmly believe that our Lord is truly Risen and alive! The joy of Easter morning flowing from the empty tomb gives us a new perspective on our lives. We can be sure that Jesus, going through passion and suffering, overcoming death, showed us the path to eternal life, which is an everlasting joy. We believe in the power of the Risen Christ, and we join the entire Church in prayer of praise and thanksgiving. Therefore, may the Risen Christ fill your hearts with love that is stronger than all hatred and peace that this world cannot give. I wish you a happy and hopeful Easter, remaining in spiritual unity with all of you, and I ask you, dear ones, never stop praying. May the Risen Lord bless you all abundantly! PAX!

Fr. Matthias – your Pastor