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Koordynator: Anna Harmata  |  Telefon: (773) 685-3785

In keeping with the mission of the Catholic Church, St. Priscilla Catholic Church proclaims the “Good News” of Jesus Christ by providing catechetical instruction, special events, and opportunities for fellowship that will foster and encourage growth in knowledge and understanding of the faith, resulting in:

  • A relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Full participation in the sacraments.
  • Appreciation for the traditions of the Church.
  • Development of strong Catholic moral principles.
  • A spirit of community.

Parents are the primary educators of their children. St. Priscilla Catholic Church has a Religious Education program which is designed as a supplement to the primary education given by the parents.  The Religious Education program assists parents in growing in their knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Parents and children are expected to participate in weekend Liturgies.  Sharing of the Eucharist is the most important sacramental sign of our life in Christ and in Christian Community.

The goals of the St. Priscilla Religious Education Program are:

  • Assisting parents in passing the faith on to their children.
  • Providing religious instruction to children who do not attend Catholic Schools.
  • Preparing students and families for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation.
  • Training catechists for our program.




Classes for grades K through eight and high school prep for sacraments are held on Saturdays, from 9:00AM until 10:45AM




1 CHILD for parishioners $160.00, non-parishioner $190.00

2 CHILDREN for parishioners $240.00, non-parishioner $300.00

3 CHILDREN for parishioners $290.00, non-parishioner $380.00




If your child is in need of receiving the sacraments they must complete two full years of Religious instruction before they can receive any sacrament.



Religious Education Curriculum

All parents are invited to review our religious education textbooks and are invited to visit our classrooms.  Below is a list of the textbooks used for each group.

  • Elementary-1stGrade through 6th Grade
    • Finding God, Loyola Press
  • 7thGrade and 8th Grade
    • Finding God, Loyola Press
  • Confirmation
    • Chosen, Ascension Press
  • Reconciliation and Communion
    • Reconciliation | Eucharist, Loyola Press


Who Can Be A Catechist:

A catechist should be a person of faith, as well as a faithful member of the community.  Catechists have a basic understanding of Church teaching, are able to communicate well with children, be willing to learn and should be able to follow a lesson plan.

There are training opportunities offered throughout the year. Every catechist needs to agree to a background check and attend the VIRTUS Code of Conduct training.  We are always in need of people to help us.  Anyone who is interested in becoming a catechist should call the Religious Education Office.


Religious Education Office Hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday – 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM
  • Saturday – 8:00 AM until 12:30 PM
  • Telephone – 773-685-3785